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Nurturing Private Setting

Thai Yoga Massage is a fantastic way to gain improved flexibility

When living in Vancouver I received Thai Massage training. Treatments are done on the floor & enjoyable! Receiving passive stretches help in letting go & increases the ability to trust. Great for enhancing mobility & flexibility. Done fully clothed.

Owner: Nattolie Chilton

Certifications: Massage therapist, Solution Focused Counselor Hypnotherapy

Thai Massage

Areas of expertise:  Chronic Pain, trauma, highly intuitive; my hands always find out what's going on!

Awards & Recognition

Chronic Pain 100% Gone

Providing therapy in Athabasca since 2014 one of my 1st clients had chronic & severe back pain for 30 years. As a farmer, a leg had been crushed in an accident and multiple kicks from cattle etc.            Proud to say he is now pain free using shock wave therapy and massage therapy!!  It did take us several months to achieve...        Long term severe conditions can improve a long, long way.

Invest in yourself regularly- maintenance of  body & mind should be top priority.

Renaissance Marriott Hotels,  Owner

December 2011

 As a top rated mobile massage practitioner to the Renaissance Marriott Vancouver''s waterfront location; when Mr. Marriott himself visited I was honored to treat him to a 2 hour session. He told me, "That is probably the BEST massage I have EVER had!"

Ready to do what it takes to feel differently?

Asking 'good' questions and making better choices are a major key to having the health & life you want and deserve to have. 

Ancient wisdom says that for lack of knowledge people fail to thrive. 

With 25+ years of experience in the field of health I know I can help you!

Say hello to the new you!